When the time comes to close your medical practice, there are many issues that you the physician must take care of. You have built close relationships with your patients and want to ensure that they will receive quality health care going forward. Closing My Medical Practice can help you make sure that happens.

We assist physicians with many different aspects of closing their practices including:

  • Planning out the proper steps to take when closing a practice.
  • Storage of patients' medical records.
  • Conversion of old paper based medical records into electronic record format.
  • Management and release of medical records to former patients. Once we have secured your records, patients can easily access their records via our secure patient ordering portal at
  • Shredding of old, unneeded medical and billing records.
  • Secure transfer of medical records to new facilities and health care providers.
  • Cleaning of office space and removal of any waste or unwanted furniture and equipment.
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We understand the importance of security and confidentiality when handling Protected Health Information (PHI) and as a result, we closely follow all HIPAA guidelines and adhere to the highest standards of privacy in all of our operations. Our goal is to remove the burden of storing and managing patient medical records so that you can rest easy knowing your former patients are being properly taken care of.

Allow the professionals at Closing My Medical Practice to assist with the closing of your practice by contacting us today.